Monday, February 25, 2008

The Biggest Loser Game!

Howdy all.

Just under 9 days to go!

As many may or may not know about hiking the AT Trail, you burn A LOT of calories each day. They say roughly 4000-6000 per day! Obviously, you cannot carry enough food on you to replenish the calorie deficit hikers run into. That is why they gorge themselves with just about anything they want in town! My data book lists every AYCE (All You Can Eat) restruants in all the towns along the trail, and I will hit as many as I can find!

So for fun, I am giving a prize to the person who can guess the closest:

What my weight will be at the end of my hike.

Currently, I weighed in at 167 pounds this morning, so that will be about the weight I will begin at. So just post your guess in the comments.

Tie Breaker question:

How many individual pop-tarts will I consume along the trail?

Remember I will be hiking for 4-5 months! Please post that answer with your guess. :O)


M. Kate said...


900 poptarts

mrs. smitley said...

143 lbs.

360 poptarts

Daizie Girl said...

126 lbs.

623 poptarts

Poptarts are the best!!!

Dana said...

147 lbs.

725 poptarts

Anonymous said...


72 Poptarts

Tracy H.

Smoothie King said...

142.5 and 231 - not including the one's you drop on the groung accidently :-)

Jeremiah said...

Wow guys!

Great guesses so far! Some of you think I will be like a P.O.W. survivor by the time i get back! lol.

BTW...Smoothie King, I would just brush off the dirt and still eat long as it isnt mud! lol! I am sure the 10 sec rule applies on the trail.

Keep them coming!

Marshall said...

130 lbs
120 poptarts

(after seeing you food supplies you plan on taking, I'm imagining you coming back on the edge of being underweight)

Alyssa said...

143lbs. and 120 poptarts.

Can I come with you just to eat poptarts and lose weight? LOL!

Matthew said...

145 lbs

400 pop tarts

Mel Eik said...
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Mel Eik said...

Either 144 lbs OR your pack will weigh more than you by the end
1027 tarts

Jeremiah said...

wow, Eik..

If i eat that many poptarts..i am sure to turn into one! lol.

U and Mkate must have some stock in Poptarts or something! lol.

Jeremiah said...


160 lbs
150 poptarts


145 lbs
125 poptarts

Jeremiah said...


152.5 lbs
343.5 poptarts


147 lbs
350 poptarts

Jeremiah said...


145 lbs.
280 poptarts


135 lbs
250 poptarts


147 lbs
270 poptarts

Jeremiah said...


137 lbs
294 poptarts


144 lbs
450 poptarts

Mel Eik said...

I just wanted to have the highest guess :) I believe you can do it though!!!