Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Econ 101 part I: Quantitative Easing is a bad thing!

I have been trying to learn as much about the economy as possible, and thought I would share with you some videos that helped me understand some of the things going on with the economy on the slower coupon deal days! I plan on putting up one each Tuesday and Thursday, so enjoy!

If you caught my post about the "Demise of the Dollar" with Glenn Beck last week, this video explains exactly what the FED did on that historic day back in March!

With the interest rates at a historic 0%, quantitative easing is the only hope left for the FED to get lending back to normal. This is a bad thing because it will lead to high inflation in the future. These white board video explains it for us average Joe's out there! More to come on Thursday, so stay tuned!

Quantitative easing from Marketplace on Vimeo.