Sunday, May 31, 2009

Target, Kroger & Meijer deals 5/31 -6/6

Here are the deals going on Target, Kroger & Meijer this week! It has been slow lately on the deals, especially after all the great deals with all the Kraft coupons that were available in May! I am sure things will pick up soon! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!



Saturday, May 30, 2009

CVS and Walgreen's deals starting 5/31

Here are the upcoming deals for CVS and Walgreens' starting the week of 5/31. Thanks to Mommy Snacks for the info!



Friday, May 29, 2009

FREE subscription to Car and Driver!

I see Pete's name written all over this Freebie! Here is a link to get a FREE subscription to Car and Driver magazine! You wont be billed for this deal!


FREE Dale Earnhardt Jr. stuff

Go to National Guard's website and join the Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s fan club to get free stuff! Enter your email address in the box in the lower right hand of the page! I am not sure what free stuff you will get, but I am a big Dale Jr. fan!


FREE Chocolate Friday once again!

Mars is giving away coupons for free "Real Chocolate" every Friday starting at 9:00 am and ending at 11:59 pm. Each Friday the first 250,000 people who register for coupons will get free chocolate. That's right, 250,000 each and every Friday through September 25. And better yet you can win up to four times! You are limited to a total of 4 coupons per household, but you can only get one coupon each Friday. You should receive your coupons by mail in approximately 6 weeks after winning them. I love sharing free chocolate with you! I have been able to get 3 coupons so far!


Kroger Money Maker - Country Time Drink Mix

Kroger has is giving a $1 off next purchase catalina when you purchace 2 Country Time drink mix through June 2nd. Most Krogers have these drink mixes onsale for $1 each. Here is a $1.50 off 2 Country Time Coupon to make this a money maker!

(2) Country Time Drink Mix = $2.00
(1) $1.50 off 2 coupon = $-1.50
Total oop: $0.50
Get $1.00 off of next purchase = $0.50 money maker


Thursday, May 28, 2009

June Sale Cycle

As you may or may not know, sales run in cycles. So if you miss a great deal one week, rest assured that it will be by again very shortly! Here are the some items that are usually on-sale during the month of June!

National Dairy Month promos-
Dairy Products
Ice cream
Sour cream

July 4th promos-
BBQ Sauce
Hot dogs
Salad dressing
Hamburger/ground beef
Paper plates, napkins, plastic utensils, etc.
Insect repellent

National Headache promos-
pain relievers
headache meds
allergy / sinus headache meds


Kroger & Marsh deals for Central Indiana 5/28 - 6/3

Sorry but there hasnt been any super deals lately that have caught my eye, but here are the mid-week deals for Kroger and Marsh for central Indiana. These stores sales go from Thursday - Wednesday. Thanks Bargain Briana for the info!



Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just received my 4th Itunes Gift Card from Swagbucks!

Well if you aren't using Swagbucks as your internet search should! I just picked up my 4th FREE $15 Itune gift card today! This one only took 24 days to get...that is now $60 in Itunes songs I have received from Swagbucks!! What other search engine allows you to get FREE stuff just for searching the internet! There are thousands of FREE gifts to choose from as you earn more swagbucks in case you dont like Itunes!

You can usually get anywhere from 1-5 swagbucks a day on if you tell your friends about it and they sign up via your get 1 swagbuck for everyone of their first 100 swagbucks! Compounding is good! Tell your friends about it!

Plus swagbucks is powered by GOOGLE and JUST ASK, so it is like using these two search engines anyway! Just put is as one of your start up tabs so it is available to use at a moments notice!

So here is a link to sign up to get started using Swagbucks! Plus you will get 3 free swagbucks just for signing up!


FREE Belly Bag for expecting moms!

I thought this was very interesting alteration to your standard bag! Here is a the link for all you expecting moms out there to get your FREE Belly Bag!


Meijer, Kroger & Target deals 5/25 - 5/31

Here are the deals going on at Meijer, Kroger and Target. It looks like you can still get great deals on BBQ sauce & Mayo at Target.

Meijer (thanks Mommy Snacks)
Kroger (thanks Stretching a Buck)
Target (thanks Stretching a Buck)


Office Depot and Menard's FREE after Rebates!

Here are the deals at Menard's and Office Depot. They have a few FREE after rebate items this week! Thanks Bargain Briana for the info!

Office Depot


Monday, May 25, 2009

Neutrogena money maker at CVS

Reports are surfacing that the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 55 1 oz tubes (priced at $1.99) are working on the buy 2 Neutrogena products and get $10 in ECB's back. This means you pay $3.98 + tax OOP and get back $10 in ECB's! Very nice! Thanks Common Sense with Money!


Saturday, May 23, 2009

Walgreens and CVS deals 5/24 - 5/30

Here are the deals going on at CVS and Walgreens this week! There seems to be a lot of goodies to be had at CVS this week!

CVS (thanks Thrifty Mama)
Walgreens (thanks Surviving the Stores)


Friday, May 22, 2009

FREE chocolate friday!

Mars is giving away coupons for free "Real Chocolate" every Friday starting at 9:00 am and ending at 11:59 pm. Each Friday the first 250,000 people who register for coupons will get free chocolate. That's right, 250,000 each and every Friday through September 25. And better yet you can win up to four times! You are limited to a total of 4 coupons per household, but you can only get one coupon each Friday. You should receive your coupons by mail in approximately 6 weeks after winning them. I love sharing free chocolate with you!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coupon round-up.

Here are some some nice coupons to print out to have on hand for some good deals. I know Meijer is having a sale on Ragu this week, and Kroger might be having a deal with Green Giant vegetables on sale for $1, which means free veggies, and Target is having a deal on Kraft cheese.

$1 off 2 Ragu Sauce coupon

$0.50 off 1 Green Giant Vegetables coupon

$1 off 1 Kraft Cheese coupon


Quiznos coupon

Here is a link to Quiznos q-club. When you sign up you get a coupon for a FREE sammy from Quiznos. Unfortunetly, I don't think we have a Quiznos in Lafayette, but they are definelty good eats!


Buy One Get One FREE Frosty Coupon

Here is a link to get a coupon for buy one get one FREE Frosty Coupon...good for Frosty-cino and Coffee Toffy Twisted Frosty only.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Updated Target Coupon Policy

Here is a great post to read about from Surving the Stores! She posted the updated info on the Target coupon policy that even includes a phone number that you can call if you are having issues with some Target manager! How cool!

Here are the current Target Deals of the week (thanks surviving the stores!)


FREE Oscar Mayer Beef Hotdog coupon - 5/20 only!

It is summer and time to start grillin' them hotdogs! Here is a link to get a coupon for FREE Oscar Mayer Beef Hotdogs! This is only for today and there is probably a limit on how many they are giving away, so claim yours now!

Happy grillin'

Walgreens $5/$25 coupon (5/20-5/21)

I haven't been shopping at Walgreens lately because of the hassle of the Register Rewards, but for all you lovers of is a $5 off $25 purchace coupon. I have heard reports that you can only use this coupon after using all your other MFG coupons, which is a bummer. It is only good for today 5/20 and tomorrow 5/21!


Blue Bunny Ice Cream Rebate

Here is a link to get a rebate form for Blue Bunny Aspen or Sedona yogurt granola novelty for FREE. You must buy this over the Memorial Day weekend (May 23-25th, 2009). Gotta love FREE ice cream! Thanks Thrifty Mama!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Five FREE Guitar Picks

Here is a link to get 5 FREE guitar picks and pick holder from Prodlick Custom Picks.


FREE Redbox Monday Movie Code Update

As you may or may not of known, Redbox has given up on it's every Monday FREE movie code now that the word of Redbox has grown! Although, they plan to have 3 more FREE movie per month throughout the summer. So, the next FREE Redbox Movie Code with be June 1st!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Trail Days Slide Show 2009

Here is my 2009 Trail Days slide show presentation!

One of my favorite time there other than reconnecting with fellow hikers was the hiker "water" parade! It was probably about a half mile of hiking down main street of Damascus, in which the parade watchers interacted with the parade by throwing water balloons or shooting hikers with water guns! Also, it was alright for the hikers to fire back at the spectators with water balloons and water guns as well! What parade have you ever been in that can match that! It was soooo much fun!

Also, we played a game of dodge ball in the dark with only our headlamps. Actually the power went out at the start of the game...and about half the players had their headlamps with them. So some people could see and others couldnt! It was the coolest dodge ball match I had ever played in. I only wished I would of turned on my strob light function of my head lamp...but of course as you could imagine...some one got hurt and we only were able to do one game.


FREE Digorno Flatbread Melt coupon

Here is a link to get a coupon for a FREE Digorno Flatbread Melt coupon good today. I just got mine so there are still some available. I believe they are only giving away a limit amount, so get your coupon now!


Kroger, Meijer & Target Deals

Here are the current deals going on at Kroger, Meijer and Target this week! Sorry again for getting these out so late.

Kroger (thanks Bargain Briana)
Meijer (thanks Bargain Briana)
Target (thanks Stretching a Buck)


Walgreens and CVS deals - 5/17 - 5/23

Well sorry this is so late but have been out of state hanging with fellow hikers at Trail Days. Here are the deals going on at CVS and Walgreens this week!

CVS (thanks Surviving the Stores)
Walgreens (thanks Bargain Briana)


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tent City.jpg

Tent City.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well today I am in Damascus in tent city. It is where everyone sets up there tents or tarps to spend each night. It will get more packed as the days go on.

Today I woke up at 7:30 and chilled out around town. Then I went to a ultra light gear talk which was very informative. Soon after they had a reunion time to meet up with old friends. I have only met 2 hikers I knew from 08 as of yet.

Then I went to a talk on a guy who did the Florida Thruhike of 1100 miles and then a film of the first guy who hiked the whole America Discovery Trail in 16 months. I am in a talk about thr last 180 miles of the AT in Maine.

Soon it will be time to eat and enjoy the night. So far having a great time.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Heading to Trail Days - Damascus, VA!

As some of you may of known, I hiked 1012 miles of the Appalachian Trail last year. You can read my blog here about my AT 2008 Hike. It is in chronological order from the very beginning to the end at Harper's Ferry. I hope you enjoy!

Well every year in Damascus, VA, they have a 3 day festival for hikers who have hiked or are hiking the Appalachian Trail! It is a place to reunite with old friends from the trail and share stories and just have fun. Here is the link to Trail Days if you want to check it out!

So I will be posting entries from my phone while down in Damascus, but unfortunelty wont be to on top of coupon deals for the next couple of days!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More sites for Kraft coupons

Here is 7 more links that you can access to print off more Kraft coupons! Thanks to Surving the Stores for these links!


Kraft BBQ sauce deal at Kroger

Wondering how to use all the Kraft $1/1 BBQ sauce coupons that have been available by Kraft? At Kroger they are offering catalina's with them as well. Here is the scoop from Stretching a Buck! I haven't verified this at our Lafayette Kroger as of yet, but plan to check it out tonight!

Buy Kraft BBQ Sauce (16 oz or larger) from 5/1-5/24:

- Buy 4 & get $2.00 toward your next purchase
- Buy 5 and get $2.50 toward your next purchase
- Buy 6 or more and get $3.00 toward your next purchase

For example. today I bought 5 bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce (look for the bottles with 55% more free) and used 5 - $1/1 coupons. I paid $0.40 out of pocket for 5 BBQ sauces, and earned a coupon good for $2.50 off of my next purchase!

Thanks Stretching a Buck!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Target deals 5/10 - 5/16

Here is the current deals going on at Target. There are some great deals still going on!

Target (thanks Thrifty Mama)


My biggest savings yet! Saved $79.23 at Meijer!

Wow, it seems like Meijer is just giving things away this week...16 oz Kraft Dressing, 32 oz Kraft Mayo, Oscar Meyer hotdogs, Hunts Ketchup..ect! I couldnt believe it when I saw all the possible deals to be had! I just had my best ever one time transaction last night. I got $82.64 worth of groceries at Meijer for just $3.41, a savings of $79.23! Unreal! Here is a breakdown of what I got! Remember you can print as many Meijer Mealbox coupons as you need, and you can combine them with manufacter's coupons to add to your savings! (I used 51 coupons in this one tranaction!)

Bought (4) 32oz Kraft Mayo with olive oil - FREE
Bought (3) 24oz Kraft light mayo = FREE
Bought (8) 16oz Kraft Dressing = $7.36 in overage
Bought (5) 24oz Hunts Ketchup = $2.40
Bought (8) 8 packs of Oscar Meyer Hotdogs = $2.00
Bought (5) cans of Manwhich = $4.00
Bought (3) Aunt Millies Bread products = $1.50
Bought (2) Nestle Toll House Cookie dough = $0.90

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise - 2/$4
- $1/1 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- $1/1 from the 4/26/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/1 from Kraft online coupons
- Final price - Free

Kraft dressing (16 oz.) - $1.58
- $1.50/1 from the 5/10/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/1 Kraft online coupon
- $1/1 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price = $-0.42 to $-0.92 in overage

Hunt's ketchup - 5/$5
- $0.20/1 from the 5/10/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/5 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price - $0.40 each (using 5 coupons - I only had 4)

Oscar Mayer wieners - 4/$5
- $1/2 from the 5/10/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/2 Kraft Online Coupon
- $1/2 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price - $0.25

Nestle refrigerated cookie dough - 2/$4
- $1/1 from the 3/29/09 Red Plum insert
- $1/1 printable coupon here and here
- $1.10/2 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price - $0.45 each

Aunt Millies Potato Bread - $1.19
- $0.35 off Aunt Millies bread 5/10 SS insert
- Final Price = $0.49

Manwhich - $5/5
- $1/5 Meijer Meal Box coupon
- Final price = $0.80 each


Monday, May 11, 2009

FREE Redbox Monday Movie Code!

Well today is the last monday for the every week Redbox FREE movie codes! They only are doing 3 more FREE codes, one each month through the summer! So take advantage of this deal while it is still with us! Remember to get more than one movie...use more than one debt/credit card.

Redbox Movie Code = 6A43JK


$50 in Kraft Coupons available!

Go to to sign up to get up to $50 in high priced Kraft coupons! Remember you can print them out twice! Here is the complete list of coupons and possible deals with them from Common Sense with Money.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Meijer Deals 5/10 - 5/16

Here is the deals going on at Meijer this week! Hope every one had a great Mother's day and remembered to call your mother today! There is a lot of good deals to be had this week at Meijer, especially to stock up on summer food like hotdogs and condiments!



Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 Indy Mini Marathon!

Well this half marathon in Indianapolis was the exact opposite of the Kentucky Derby half marathon the week before. The weather was absolutely perfect to run in with temps in the low 50's all morning, with overcast skies and no wind! These conditions plus a fast track made for great running!

In the picture above is Marshall, who ran his first ever half marathon and Jason (in the middle), who is running his 2nd ever half marathon and I. Marshall and Jason set new PR's (personal records!). I was trying to run a sub 1:45:00 this race, which I barely did. Here are the results! Jason actually shaved like 11 mins off his previous PR!

Jeremiah Redden: 1:44:41 (8:00 pace)
Marshall Hull: 2:00:19 (9:12 pace) - Personal Record
Jason Hayden: 2:05:29 (9:35 pace) - Personal Record plan for a fall half marathon or two!


KFC Raincheck information

I guess some KFC's are still taking the recent coupon offered by Oprah for a FREE 2 piece grilled chicken meal,but most are offering a raincheck to be redeemed at a later date. Here is the information on the KFC raincheck!


Arby's FREE deals every Wednesday

According to Centsible Savings some Arby's throughout the country are doing Arby's FREEBIES Wednesday. Here is the list of what is available each Wednesday. Call your local Arby beforehand to make sure they are participating in the deal. No coupons are needed to get these promotions! Thanks Centsible Savings!

May 13th - Free Roastburger with and soft drink purchase
May 20th - Free Chocolate Malt Swirl shake with and sandwich purchase
May 27th - Free Regular Roast Beef sandwich with any soft drink purchase

June 3rd - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
June 10th - Free Roast Chicken club with any soft drink purchase
June 17th - Free Regular Sidekicker with any sandwich purchase
June 24th -Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase

July 1st - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase
July 8th - Free Orange Cream Swirl shake with any sandwich purchase
July 15th - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
July 22nd - Free Roastburger with any soft drink purchase
July 29th - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase

August 5th - Free Regular Roast Beef with any soft drink purchase
August 12th - Free Roast Chicken Club with any soft drink purchase
August 19th - Free FruiTea with any sandwich purchase
August 26th - Free Regular Beef 'n Cheddar with any soft drink purchase

CVS & Walgreens

Well, here are the deals for CVS and Walgreens starting 5/10/09 - 5/16/09. I think I have given up on the Walgreen's Register Rewards. They are not worth the hassle it seems. It looks like CVS is getting my full attention for now...their ECB's are just so easy and less restrictive.

CVS (thanks Mummy Deals)
Walgreens (thanks Surviving the Store)


FREE Mars Candy coupon

On May 8th (today) go to Real Chocolate website to have a chance to get a FREE Chocolate Mars candy bar coupon between 9 am EST till 11:59 pm EST. Limit one per email address and 4 per household, so I don't know if that means we can print it 4x's if we get the coupon or not!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

A sad day for FREE Redbox Monday Movie Codes

Well today is a sad day for all you FREE Redbox Monday followers! I got an email today from Redbox informing me that the FREE Redbox Monday promotion is ending May 11th, 2009...but they are extending it during through the summer by offering a FREE movie code ONCE a MONTH instead of every monday. BUMMER...but hey...who can't afford $1 movies! I am still a fan of Redbox!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

FREE Cinnabon to NURSES! (May 6th -12th)

For all of us nurses out is officially Nurse Appreciation Week! I guess Cinnabon knows just what Nurses food! During May 6th - 12th, Cinnabon is giving away a FREE cinnabon to any nurse who presents their healthcare I.D.! I just love Cinnabon Rolls!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

50 dollar visa gift card.jpg

50 dollar visa gift card.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

I just received in the mail my $50 Visa gift card for test driving a dodge ram truck last december. Actually, I didnt even test try it because they just signed my paper.

I actually didnt think I would get it since it has been like 6 months, but here it is! Easiest $50 I have ever gotten.

Thanks Citigroup and Dodge, both of which had been kept alive by our tax dollars!


FREE 8x10 Picture from Walgreens on 5/6/09

Walgreens is giving away a FREE 8x10 on May 6th only. Use the promotional code MOTHER to get it FREE!


FREE KFC Grilled Chicken coupon

Here is a link to get FREE 2 piece KFC grilled chicken Meal, which includes 2 KFC grilled chicken + 2 Sides + 1 biscuit for FREE! This is a bricks coupon so you can print it twice! Offer good till 5/19/09 but not on Mother's day (KFC must have a thing against mothers?).

Thanks Jason Hayden for letting me know about this!


Monday, May 4, 2009

FREE Fiber One Bars at Target + weekly deals

Target is having a great deal on Fiber One Bars. They actually PAID me to buy 12 of them, and I made over $9 thanks to the 10 - Fiber One $1.35 off coupons that Pssst... sent me for doing a survey for them.

Target deals for the week.

Get a $5 Target Gift Card when you buy 4 Fiber One Items

(4) Fiber One Cereal (16 oz), Bars (5 ct), Muffin Mix (15 oz) - $2.29 each
(4) Use $1.35/1 here
(4) Plus $0.50 off Target coupon found in store.
$0.44 each or $1.76 total...then get $5 in Target Gift Card...making $3.24.

I had 12 of the $1.35 coupons and 12 of the $0.50 coupons! Woo hoo! I was able to get 2 of each flavor!
This is the second time that a granola company has paid us to try their bars! South beach living bars were the other ones!


FREE Monday Redbox Movie Code

Well May is finally upon us! Here is the first FREE Redbox Monday Movie code for the month! Hope your weekend went well! As usual, you can get more than one movie FREE by using more than one credit/debt card. Redbox won't charge your card unless you don't return the movie on time!

Redbox Monday Code = BT73H9