Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1 year Saving Summary

Well it has been a year now since I started doing couponing to save money on household goods! I still rememeber my first deal on Nov. 9th, 2008 at Kroger like it was just yesterday! Funny what you remember, isnt it! Anyhoo...here are my totals over what I saved over the course of 1 year of heavy couponing. To God be the glory! I may slow down on couponing the next year, but we shall see!

Retail Price: $6,454.65
MFG Coupons: $3,638.29
Store Savings: $2,576.40
Store Money Rewards: $731.25
Total Savings: $5,774.10
% Savings: 89.46%

Total: $680.55
Tax: $93.92
Final Bill: $774.47

Also, I used Swagbucks throughout the year and earned:

$75 worth of Itunes Gift Cards!
$105 worth of Amazon.com Gift Cards!

If you dont use swagbucks, you should! How easy is it to get $180 worth of stuff by just surfing the internet and telling your friends about it! Swagbucks uses google and just ask for their search engine! If you want to sign up and get 3 swagbucks to start off with....sign up at swagbucks here!