Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Final Gear Check

Well only 48 more days till I seek to abuse my body beyond belief. I had my final gear check with my friend, Bill, who has hiked the whole thing in 2002. So far I have managed to keep my base pack weight to 12.05 lbs. along with 3.96 lbs. of stuff that i will wear, which includes my shoes. He definelty helped me prune some unneeded stuff such as deo...who needs it while on the trail. We are all going to stink! But dont worry i will have Amee bring some when she comes and visits, I mean come on, I do want to stay married!

One item I plan on taking (that I knew Bill would laugh at me) is an ultralight umbrella, as recommended by Ray Jardine and a couple of other hikers I have read about. An umbrella for hiking? Well it is a very multifunctional piece of gear. Not only will it keep you dry, but you can use it as a wind screen when it is windy and as some needed shade when the sun is beating down! But, Bill still thinks I should forgo it for some lightweight rain gear. I will definetly give it some thought and let ya all know what i decide.

Well here is a quick video of my gear. Hope you enjoy!


Kristi said...

Maybe you could get one of those umbrellas that you put on your head - like a hat ;o)

Anonymous said...

Better of those beer bottle helmets with straws to your mouth in order to stay nice and hydrated while hiking :-) Great Blog J...Greg from HH