Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well the Webster's dictionary defines a home as: one's place of residence. So, that means that my 1 lb. GoLite Tarp will be my home away from home for the 4-5 months on the trail.

It doesn't look all to bad and check out these perks!

1. It has 3 stable sides (as long as my tree limbs hold up)

2. So far it hasn't leaked on me yet (all though i haven't really tested it in a severe storm yet.)

3. I have a picturesque view out of my front door to take all the beautiful sights of the woods

4. I can pet any animal that may come up to my entrance way...another way to reconnect with nature!

5. And check out the square footage in that place! Man, there must be atleast 60-70 sq feet there! What am i going to do with all that room!

6. No dusting, sweeping or moping needed!

7. Finally, I can cook, eat, bathe, change clothes, do laundry and sleep all in the same spot! Now how is that for being efficient!

So as you can see, this place is well worth the dough i spent...and i didn't even have to get an adjustable rate morgage for it! I feel blessed!

Ahhh. Home Sweet Home.


MadMup said...

A word of advice: if the animal that comes up to your entrance is a porcupine, resist the urge to pet it.

Jeremiah said...

Good advice! I will lock that one in the vault! Thanks Madmup! :O)

Marshall said...

You are a very brave man.

M. Kate said...

Dude, if I were a little crazier...I'd be SO jealous. Can't wait till you get back and I get to hear all about it!