Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beware of Walgreens on 26th & Creasy!!

For the people reading my blog that live in Lafayette, IN. I am writing this post to let everyone know to STAY AWAY from the Walgreens on the corner of 26th and Creasy! They are very NON-COUPON friendly, and here is why!

I went to the WAGS today to get the Huggies Diapers deal for a friend who just had a baby not to long ago, and some Coffee-mate creamers for my wife and Dana. So I took all 5 of these items up to the register and gave my 5 internet coupons to the cashier. She then tells me that due to people "Abusing" the Huggies $5 off coupons, the store's new policy is to take only 1 internet coupon a day! Yes, you read that right...1 per DAY!! I was like that is crazy. The cashier told me that other people were buying like 7 things of diapers and using 7 coupons in one transaction! Heavens forbid that moms need a lot of diapers for their kids and want to save money! Plus it isn't like WAGS won't get their money back from Huggies anyway! So I said no thanks and left the store getting nothing.

I then proceded to the WAGS off of 18th and my 5 items again, and the cashier took all 5 of my internet coupons without even blinking an eye!

So, if you are a serious couponer and still enjoy WAGS (even though they are getting rid of their ESR deals)...stay away from the WAGS on the corner of 26th and Creasy!

Anyone else having issues out there with WAGS and them taking coupons?

Not the happiest with WAGS,


Janet A said...

Hey there - just wanted to let you know that the Walgreens store manager is one of our college class sponsors and a great guy. He said there has been some fraud and lots of confusion on how to deal with coupons but the cashiers now know that they can take more than one DIFFERENT internet coupon each day - that shouldn't be a problem. I hope if there are future problems, you can talk with the manager to get them resolved. Thanks!