Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Update on PACE Salsa Coupons and Deals

Ok. Here is the skinny so far on the Pace Salsa coupons. It looks like they may of fixed the bug on the coupons, cause it was letting you print as many as you wanted. I printed 10 before my ink ran out...but I tried again today and it said my print limit was reached, but I have heard of others printing even more than 10. So try and see if it will keep printing 10 or if it was just a bug.

Also, today I went to Meijer (my favorite supercenter when it comes to couponing!) and tried the coupons. I didn't find any Pace salsa or sauce product over $4, which made using this coupon interesting. They did have (2)-16oz Pace salsas for 2/$4, so I tried it once to see if it would work. Well the coupon didn't go through on it's own, so the cashier came over and she actually put in both salsa's free...since they were 2/$4.

Well, I remembered once I got to the car that I needed black ink for my printer. I got my ink and a few other things I suddenly remembered we needed, and I decided to go ahead and get some more salsa since I was here. I ended up at a different check out and the cashier this time wasn't as friendly as the first one. She would only take the coupon down to $2 for only one...meaning I wasted $2 on that coupon. I think Meijer still gets the full $4 (so they are making money).

So after all this is the MAIN POINT.

Make sure you get the LARGEST product as close to $4.00 as possible to get the best deal available!



Big Mark 243 said...

And that is the plan. I like Meijer's too, so much so that I don't mind the longer ride to the nearest one!!