Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funnies XV

Here is something funny I found over at Thrifty Mama! I am definelty #6!

You Know You’re Thrifty When…

1. You know exactly how many miles you can drive your car after it reaches the empty line, until you run out of gas.

2. Your kids run around naked all day so that you have less laundry to wash (may or may not mean that you are also lazy).

3. You turn down a $75/100 Old Navy coupon, because you know you can get a better deal at a thrift store.

4. You won’t buy anything online unless you have a Swagbucks gift card for it.

5. You are distraught because your spouse came home with something he/she picked up at the store, and didn’t use a coupon!

6. You get upset when your total at CVS is over .50 cents.

7. You have 100+ different deal blogs and coupon sites in your bookmarks.

8. You have a compulsive tendency to pick up every coin you find dropped on the ground.

9. The stares you get when checking out at the grocery store no longer bother you.

10. You have CVS corporate on speed dial.

11. You laugh out loud and uncontrollably when you see someone in a store paying for toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, make up, razors, ect..

12. toilet paper, soap, skin care products, baby wipes, and you can fill in the rest of this list without skipping a beat.

13. You develop a built in radar. You can sense and locate any yard sale, thrift store or clearance bin within a 25 mile radius.

14. You refuse to buy a new TV, even though yours is from the stone age, cracked, always showing static, and gets two channels. HDTV? What is that?

15. You won’t shop Black Friday sales, because you know you can get a better deal watching for online deals every day.

16. You have 20+ Glucose Meters in your home, and no one in your family is a diabetic!



David said...

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