Thursday, February 28, 2008

Food Bag

6 Days Remaining.

My food bag is finalized and packed for the trail! It includes 5 days worth of food....

5 Snickers
5 Paydays
5 Cheese and Peanut Butter Crackers
5 Single servings of trail mix
3 Blueberry poptarts with frosting
2 Strawberry poptarts with frosting
1 pound of buffalo summer saugage
1 bag of Carribean Trail Mix
1 small tub of Peanut Butter
1 container of Chicken in a Biskit crackers
1 can of Chedder Cheese spray
3 - 7 oz. foil packages of white chicken in water
3 bags of Cranberry & Chicken Rice mix
2 bags of Red Beans & Rice mix
2 - 7 oz. foil packages of white tuna in sunflower oil
10 individual mayo packets

I will also grab the day before I hit the trail a package of bagels to take with me to have some more carbs!

Hope this doesnt make MKate (a nutrionist) cringe to much! ;O)


MadMup said...

Man, I love me some Chickin in a Biskit crackers...

Looks good, dude!

Dana said...

I must add that I saw his supplies all lined up on their coffee table earlier this week when Amee and Jeremiah served me by watching Connor for the day (THANK YOU, it was a huge blessing!).

He is VERY efficient. Things are labeled and lined up neatly with codes written on them (not to sure if the reason is a code to know what day and order to eat the food items....). Packages are compressed of any air and wound tightly with rubberbands. There was a small scale on the table and everything is lined up neatly in rows on the table. I'm pretty sure if you ask he had also alphabetized everything...well maybe he didn't take it that far. But, like I said VERY efficient.

M. Kate said...

Dude, that ain't enough poptarts, you gotta get that number up or I'll never win!!!!!

Will be praying for you, I'm sure you'll have to be SO close to the Lord during your time, I'm a little jealous of that, seriously.

Jeremiah said...

Dont worry MKAte...there will be times when i will only be able to shop at small country stores...and then i will load up on those poptarts! Poptarts are sold everywhere arent they!

I also thought about having people guess how many pints of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream i would devour! lol.

Dana...nope i didnt have them alphabetized! lol.

Steven said...

The only ones cringing are the proofreaders.

Jeremiah said...

Hey Steven,

Yeah, english class wasn't my best subject! lol.

It must be pretty bad because you are not the first one to mention it!