Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mylanta Money Maker - CVS

There is another Money Maker at CVS here in the Lafayette area! I wanted to verify this deal first before posting it because this is the 2nd week of this deal...the first week it wasn't available in the Lafayette area...but now it is! Here are the details.

Currently cherry and mint flavored Mylanta ultimate strenth bottles are 50% off, which makes them $3.50. Use these $2 off 1 Mylanta coupons (you can print 5 of these coupons...since the limit at CVS is 5), which makes them now $1.50 each. Then you will get $3 in ECB's back for each one (limit 5)!

I did this just yesterday...used $5 in ECB's and got back $15! BTW...the CVS on 26 are out of these mylantas as of yesterday.