Monday, February 16, 2009

Watch Glenn Beck tonight! Why Socialism is Bad!

Glenn Beck is one of my favorite "news" shows out there, and I encourage everyone to watch his show all week at 5pm on Fox News. His topic this week are two fold.

1.) He is going to talk about why Socialism is bad for us and
2.) He will be going through some major "what if" worse case scenerios to help you prepare for what maybe coming in the future.

If you have never seen his show before, he really tells you how things are and he uses a lot of common sense (something that Washington doesnt have!)

Remember - Fox News at 5pm = Glenn Beck!



Big Mark 243 said...

I don't agree with too many of the folks on Fox ... but because of my association with you thru your journal and your tips, I will have to give him a try.

I don't dismiss anyone out of hand, particulaly when they aren't familiar to me. Gonna check him out.

cheryl said...

Hey Jeremiah!
Listen to him on Monday, He is talking about being prepared for the future. You know he is a Mormon, right? You know, he really has quite a personal story of coming back after lots of hardship and trials. He is quite an inspiration. I need your new address, too, your Christmas card came back. Have fun in Bankok!

Cuandoman said...

I live in the Tampa area. Glenn started his radio show here in the late 90's or 2000. It was quite entertaining and informative. The man does sarcasm better than anyone on the air.

And, yes, he was an alcoholic who lost everything. From that low position he's built quite the listening and viewing base some decade later.

BTW, even if you don't like his show due to political reasons, listen to his radio show on Fridays before NFL regular season weeks. More-on Trivia is funny as hell. google it.