Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kentucky Derby Half Marathon

This is myself with my wife, Amee, and two friends from church...Jason and Markus... before our run at the 2009 Kentucky Derby half and full marathon.

Amee, Jason & I ran the half marathon (13.1 miles), but Markus upstaged us all and ran the full 26.2 mile marathon! Both Markus and Jason set personal records this weekend. We had a really great time and even got to run around the inside of the Kentucky Derby track!

Here are the results!
Jeremiah: 1:52:31(8:36 pace)
Amee: 2:09:19 (9:53 pace)
Jason: 2:16:47 (10:27 pace)
Markus: 4:26:29 (10:11 pace)

Now this saturday will be the Indi-Mini for Jason and I, which is the largest half marathon in the nation with over 35,000 runners. We also get to run a lap around the Indy 500 track! Very cool!



PS said...

Man I thought that was an AFTER pic!

Gretchen said...

You were in L-ville and didn't say hi?? :) Just kidding -- congrats you guys! That's awesome!

Dana said...

Way to go guys!