Monday, April 6, 2009

Virtual Credit Card Number = Safe online shopping!

I just found out about Virtual Credit Card numbers today from "Cents with love". It was very easy to download the program from my Discover Card homepage to my computer (it was in the online protection tab), and the program (when running) will fill out the form for you! It worked very smoothly! I was impressed, and now I feel more secure about using my credit card online. I also HIGHLY recommend using a virtual credit card number from now on! Here are the details from "Cents with Love"...

Use a Virtual Credit Card number. Most credit card companies offer these now. Basically, it’s a credit card number generated for you to use just one time online. If anyone tries to re-use this number it will be rejected. This is great to help with fraud, and it can sometimes help you out if you do forget to cancel an offer (but not always! - you should always cancel manually). I always have my Virtual Credit Card number generator open, and whenever I go to purchase online, it just pops up and generates a unique number for me. Even if you’re not doing these offers, I highly recommend you use them for all of your online purchasing anyways.



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