Friday, May 8, 2009

2009 Indy Mini Marathon!

Well this half marathon in Indianapolis was the exact opposite of the Kentucky Derby half marathon the week before. The weather was absolutely perfect to run in with temps in the low 50's all morning, with overcast skies and no wind! These conditions plus a fast track made for great running!

In the picture above is Marshall, who ran his first ever half marathon and Jason (in the middle), who is running his 2nd ever half marathon and I. Marshall and Jason set new PR's (personal records!). I was trying to run a sub 1:45:00 this race, which I barely did. Here are the results! Jason actually shaved like 11 mins off his previous PR!

Jeremiah Redden: 1:44:41 (8:00 pace)
Marshall Hull: 2:00:19 (9:12 pace) - Personal Record
Jason Hayden: 2:05:29 (9:35 pace) - Personal Record plan for a fall half marathon or two!



John said...

That ios awesome. And great pictures. Life is to short not to enjpymit and live a little. Stop on by when you get a chance