Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My biggest savings yet! Saved $79.23 at Meijer!

Wow, it seems like Meijer is just giving things away this week...16 oz Kraft Dressing, 32 oz Kraft Mayo, Oscar Meyer hotdogs, Hunts Ketchup..ect! I couldnt believe it when I saw all the possible deals to be had! I just had my best ever one time transaction last night. I got $82.64 worth of groceries at Meijer for just $3.41, a savings of $79.23! Unreal! Here is a breakdown of what I got! Remember you can print as many Meijer Mealbox coupons as you need, and you can combine them with manufacter's coupons to add to your savings! (I used 51 coupons in this one tranaction!)

Bought (4) 32oz Kraft Mayo with olive oil - FREE
Bought (3) 24oz Kraft light mayo = FREE
Bought (8) 16oz Kraft Dressing = $7.36 in overage
Bought (5) 24oz Hunts Ketchup = $2.40
Bought (8) 8 packs of Oscar Meyer Hotdogs = $2.00
Bought (5) cans of Manwhich = $4.00
Bought (3) Aunt Millies Bread products = $1.50
Bought (2) Nestle Toll House Cookie dough = $0.90

Kraft Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise - 2/$4
- $1/1 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- $1/1 from the 4/26/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/1 from Kraft online coupons
- Final price - Free

Kraft dressing (16 oz.) - $1.58
- $1.50/1 from the 5/10/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/1 Kraft online coupon
- $1/1 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price = $-0.42 to $-0.92 in overage

Hunt's ketchup - 5/$5
- $0.20/1 from the 5/10/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/5 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price - $0.40 each (using 5 coupons - I only had 4)

Oscar Mayer wieners - 4/$5
- $1/2 from the 5/10/09 Smart Source insert
- $1/2 Kraft Online Coupon
- $1/2 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price - $0.25

Nestle refrigerated cookie dough - 2/$4
- $1/1 from the 3/29/09 Red Plum insert
- $1/1 printable coupon here and here
- $1.10/2 Meijer Mealbox coupon
- Final price - $0.45 each

Aunt Millies Potato Bread - $1.19
- $0.35 off Aunt Millies bread 5/10 SS insert
- Final Price = $0.49

Manwhich - $5/5
- $1/5 Meijer Meal Box coupon
- Final price = $0.80 each



Jenn said...

Do you ever have a problem using more than one of a certain Mealbox coupon at a time? I think they say you can only use one per transaction, and when I tried to do 2 today, it looked like it took both, but then it only reduced for one (I was getting 2 boxes of $1 coffee filters with 2 50-cent off mealbox coupons). Do you usually use self-checkout or go through a line with a cashier? Thanks!

Jeremiah said...

Hey Jenn,

I usually go throught the self check out line. I did have to give my meijer meal box coupons to the lady for them to scan through, but they specifically say on the coupon....

One coupon per item, so you can use multiple coupons per order...but you cant combine it with another meijer coupon of the same product...just like you cant use 2 mfg coupons of the same product together. But you can use 1 meijer coupon with 1 mfg coupon!

So I have had no problems as of yet with the meal box q's! Hope this helps!


Jenn said...


John said...

those are some realy good deals.It realy helps you save when you use your coupons.Where is the stor Kougers(i canr spell it)Ant here in California