Monday, May 19, 2008

And the WINNER is.....

Well it still looks like some people are still wondering if I am getting back on the trail or maybe they are the people who don't know that I had gotten off the trail yet. But anyway, there are still some people looking at this blog!

So in that case, I will post who won the "Biggest Loser" game that I set up before I left. It was a game to guess how much weight I would lose on the trail with a tie breaker question of how many poptarts I would eat!

Well I ended up loosing 17 lbs! I weighed in at 150 lbs...down from 167 at the beginning! I hope to keep it off as long as possible! So...the winner is!

With a guess of 152.5 lbs, which was the closest without going Liz Ayres!!! Yeah!

So her winning gift has to deal with FOOD, which is what I dreamed about all the time on the trail! She is getting a $30 gift card to my favorite pizza joint....PAPA JOHNS, and a $30 gift card to my favorite ice cream location....COLD STONE CREAMRY!!!! She has 4 kids, so both should come in handy!!


p.s. Stay tuned cause I am healing well, and getting the hiking bug again! Lord willing, I will be back on the trail at the end of July or beginning of August! I need to work a bit to save up some more money in the meantime!


Mac/cgul1 said...

Hey that is great news.
Take it easy and make sure you are well healed or heeled maybe.
God Bless