Monday, May 5, 2008

The Farewell Post: A Hiliarious Video of "The Hiker" song!

Here is a hilarious version of the "Hiker" song sung by Lee & Matt. Two great friends from church! I couldnt stop laughing! Hope you enjoy! Great job, but dont quite you day job!

Well, it is time to say good-bye for now. Who knows, this blog maybe up and running quicker than one may think. We will see what God has in store! Again, special thanks to Pastor Scott, who went well out of his way to get me some much needed and useful gear while on the trail! Thank you, PS! Hike on, and keep fighting! You will be in my prayers!

Also, thanks for the encouragement & prayers during my 2 months from all who Mac would call it..."arm chair hiking". I love it! lol. It has been a blast. Now it is time to get back to Indiana for some recouperation!

In Christ,



SooAnn said...

It is now posted on my blog!

Check it out:

Jeremiah said...


Thanks for posting on your blog. I hope you dont mind me posting it on mine! Thanks again! Glad you had your camera!


SooAnn said...

I couldn't view the video on your blog - and of course, I don't mind!! :)

Jeremiah said...

I can view it, and my mom was too. Weird. Hope other people arent having a problem viewing it! Anyhoo, great video SooAnn!