Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good-bye Virginia & Welcome Home!

Amee, made me this sign to say good-bye to Virginia, cause I was hoping to be rid of it by the time she came to see me. But in the end, I did say good-bye to Virginia & hello to Indiana!

Kimbra & Jed made up this AWESOME welcome home sign that they put on my garage, so I could see it when I got home! They even put a picture of my favorite place...McAfee Knob...how cool was that! Plus they got many of my co-workers from the hospital to sign it for me! What a great gift! Thanks Kimbra & Jed and all that signed! You guys ROCK!
It is nice to be home!


Anonymous said...

hi from mom,
What a wonderful group of friends and co-workers that you have. Glad you are home.
Love, Mom

Kristi said...

Welcome home, Jeremiah! I know you've got some mixed feelings - sounds like you've got a good perspective on it all. Thanks for "taking us along" with you!

Mac/cgul1 said...

Feel the love Bro!

Hope you are mending well.

God Bless