Friday, May 2, 2008

Front Royal - Nero

Day 59: 5/2. Officially hiked 2.9 miles to US 522 this morning, to procure a ride into Front Royal with Team Deustchmark. It was a warm night last night with the temps hovering in the low 60's, which caused me to sweat quite a bit in my 15 degree sleeping bag. Definelty shedded some layers during the night!

Well, hitching into town is always an experience especially with a group of 5 smelly hikers. So Bad Hummus was up for the challenge at getting us a ride. His family is from India, so he looks kind of threating especially with his big beard. So we timed him. Almost immediately a cop actually turned around in the road and came back to where he was trying to hitch a ride. We were like...oh no...he is in trouble, but the officer just wanted to make sure no one was injured. Which was nice, but he didnt offer us a ride! So then 10 minutes into the event, he was able to get a guy in a truck to pull over and give us a ride into town! Yes! He even showed us where the all you can eat buffet was! How nice!

So then we just chilled out at the visitor center and outfitter, since it was still to early for lunch. Then at 11:00, we hit the AYCE buffet at Victoria's, which was a pretty good one...if I must say. I have become quite the critic on AYCE's since being on the trail! Yeti won top honors by putting down 5 FULL plates of food. Then we waddled over to the post office for maildrop pickups and then went to the Quality Inn for the day.

Parents are wonderful! Toddy Bear's parents were in town and met us. They graciously bought us lunch and paid for our night in the hotel room! Such kindness, and I am not even in Team Deustchmark. I am blown away by there generousity. Again, thank you.

So right now, I have been resting my leg, putting ice on it and taking the routine doses of Vit I throughout the day. Although, I have like no appetite for some reason. I had to force myself to eat lunch today, and will have to for dinner as well. My stomach has just been doing flip flops on and off during the day. Took some Pepto Bismol as well, which usually helps. It might be the ice cream I had at lunch, or just the shock of real food for a change. This is pretty usual in towns that I visit. My body must not be as young as it once was. Plan on getting some Papa Johns for dinner, and that I will not turn down!

So the next 4 days are LOW mileage days. Day 1 -15, Day 2 - 15.3, Day 3- 14, Day 4 - 9.4 into Harpers Ferry. So my right shin should do ok. I cant wait to see Amee and have a couple of zero days!

Andrew: GORP = Good Old Raisens & Peanuts! A hikers must. Never have a day without it! And nope...havent had to use the Flagyl yet! It is my most valued possesion I carry with me!

Well, it is getting dinner time! God bless. Thanks for all the prayers with the shin splints.