Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bad Hummus eyeing his land in SNP.jpg

Day 57: 4/30. Officially hiked 26.8 miles today to Pass Mnt Hut. We are officially 931.1 miles from Springer & 1245.1 miles from Katahdin.

I got to eat at Big Meadows Wayside today for a second breakfast. We were 30 mins to early for lunch. It was still good. Will try to hit lunch tomorrow at the next wayside.

I had some major shin splints on my right leg & the rocks after Mary's rocks made my right foot feel like it broke in two. I am taking Vit. I, which helps. I only have one more 20 plus day tomorrow then low mileage days till Harpers, in which I will take 2-3 zeros. Please pray for my shin splints. Thanks.

Saw 7 more deer, which brings my totals to 32. No bears.



Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Please be careful and not hurt your legs worse by hiking to much when you are hurting. My prayers are always with you. That was a neat picture eyeing the land. Love you, Mom