Thursday, May 1, 2008

Floyd Wayside Shelter.jpg

Floyd Wayside Shelter.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 58: 5/1. It's official, I am crazy. By the grace of God, I made it the 23.6 miles to Floyd Wayside Shelter, plus the fact that I know I overdosed on Vit I (Ibuprofen). My right leg shin splint bothered me all day & my foot still feels like it is broke in two. But I am planning to take a nero day tomorrow into Front Royal (only 2.9 miles away). I was trying to make it into Harpers Ferry a day early so Amee & I could have 2.5 days together. I just dont know what happened. Guess Pastor Scott was right about the too fast too soon quote awhile back.

I am officially 954.7 miles from Springer & 1221.5 miles from Katahdin. I officially said good bye to the Shenandoah National park today. It was actually a very nice hike for the most part..except for my shin splints. I didnt see any bear, but did get my cheeseburger and fries today. The blackberry milkshake machine was down though. Bummer.

Full shelter tonight with Team Deutchmark, Squire & a SOBO named Micheal.



Anonymous said...

It breaks my heart to hear that you are experiencing some problems. Please take care of yourself. Remember it doesn't matter how QUICKLY you finish, it only matters that you finish. Take a rest my friend! Your beautiful Amee is doing good and although I know she misses you tons, I also know that she wants you to finish. Only a few more days and she will be in your arms again! Rest and let your body heal Shepherd and then hike on!


Anonymous said...

Hey my love! Everyone is pulling for you to finish. Last night people gave me great suggestions for you. I'll share them with you when we talk.

Go Big Blue said...

Hang in there, Jeremiah. It's been really cool to see all your pics.

Lee made me sing your gambler song Sunday. At some point I lost the tune in my head and things turned pretty ugly.