Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Fall of Public Chess Enemy #1

Well it is official! I finally have beaten Public Chess Enemy #1 (aka Lee Morrison!) in a game of chess!

I don't know if it was my extra practicing or the new board and clock I got for Christmas, but in reality it was only by the grace of God!! :O) The best thing was that P.C.E. #1 has been talking a lot of smack lately, so it was nice to humble him today! hehee!

But I must add that Lee did annotate (sp?) the game, which is tough to do and keep track of your we had a 40 min. game clock going, but that shouldn't be an excuse for a guy rated over 1700! But we then played another game, which was close, but he beat me in an endgame position(which I still need lots of practice with!)

We also played some fun bug chess with P.C.E. #2 (aka Matt Boehm) and Jared Crum!

So in case your is the annotated notes on the game! I was white!

1. e2-e4 ... g7-g6
2. d2-d4 ... f8-g7
3. g1-f3 ... d7-d6
4. f1-c4 ... e7-e6
5. o-o ... b8-d7
6. b1-c3 ... b7-b6
7. c1-g5 ... g8-e7
8. e4-e5 ... d6-e5
9. d4-e5 ... o-o
10. f1-e1 ... e7-c6
11. g5-d8 ... f1-d8
12. c3-d5 ... d7-e5
13. d5-e7 ... c6-e7
14. d1-d8 ... g7-f8
15. f3-e5 ...

He stopped annotating after move 15, but it was pretty much over after that!

Enjoying my victory,