Friday, December 26, 2008


Well since the coupon deals are slow right now, I thought I would post this AWESOME story out of Anchorage, Alaska! I think this is the coolest thing ever, and I wish I could build it in my front yard...if we could only get enough snow to do it!!! I still don't know how he could build this in ONE night...unreal!

This is a short 2-3 minute news story about a guy who built a 25 ft snowman in his front yard! This is the 3rd year this snowman has been built...each year it has grown taller! Unfortunetly there are some scroogy-type of neighbors who are fighting him to take it down due to all the added traffic it terrible! Well hope you enjoy! Check it is something to behold!


p.s. I wonder how long it takes to melt away!!!