Sunday, December 21, 2008

FREE 8x10 & 5x 7 at CVS!

Well I guess CVS was feeling left out after all the FREE 8x10's that Walgreens was giving out,

So they decided to top giving away a FREE 8x10 & 5x7 picutre until 12/14! The code at checkout is ENLARGE!

***DISCLAIMER -- You need order BOTH 8x10 & 5x7 to get your total over $5 - then put in the checkout code ENLARGE to get both free...if not CVS charges a $1.49 fee if your order isnt over $5 ***

I decided to get an 8x10 of the picture above and frame it to send to my friend Dynamite, who is in the picture! Below is the picture I got as a 5x7. It is Team Deutschmark and I in the Shenadoah National Park on the Appalachian Trail.