Friday, October 9, 2009

Annapolis Rocks.jpg

Annapolis Rocks.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 2.

Today I was able to eat lunch at the Annapolis rocks. what gorgeous views and great weather. Although I dont know why they call then Annapolis rocks since it is nowhere near the city.

I hiked 15.7 miles today to the eensign cowall shelter. I am 1042.7 miles from Springer and 1133.5 from katahdin.

The rocks have been picking up to get us ready for pa. woo hoo. Should cross the mason dixon line tomorrow.

Happy birthday mom!



Anonymous said...

Boy that is a view it was rainy and dreary here. Thanks am going to covered bridge for birthday, thanks for the gift card.We went to cov. bridge today it rained all day but had fun anyway they are selling make believe snow it is cool bought a box. Stay safe and I love you pictures are neat. Love, Mom