Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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The Doyle.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 8 (wednesday)

Well today I hiked my final 11.9 miles into Duncannon. I am 1135.4 miles from springer and 1040.8 miles to Katahdin.

I am at the Doyle hostel, which is infanous on the trail. This is a place you must stop at when hiking. They have great food and drinks. I had the 1/3rd cheeseburger and fries, since they were out of their famous pulled pork bbq. They also take a picture of every hiker that comes in, so I got to see my fellow 08 hikers from last year. Also, Lakewood, a 07 thruhiker and friend, drove over from psu to chat about the trail. It was a great time. Thanks again for all your advice and encouragement.

Now I am spending the night with John and Kathy, who are friends of the family. Hopefully I will find a way back to my car tomorrow...actually I am able to get a rental car to get back to NJ. woo hoo. God is good.
So in all I hiked 125 miles this section, which I am thankful. Till next time...back to the couponing blog. lol.



Anonymous said...

that is a nice hostel. glad your done and will be on your way home. drive safe. Love you Mom