Monday, October 12, 2009

Ice cream sandwhich challenge.jpg

Day 2.

Well today I officially have completed over 50% of the AT. I hiked 17.3 miles to the Pine Grove Furnance State Park. I am 1090.3 miles from springer & 1085.9 from katahdin. I am staying in the Ironmaster mansion hostel, which pretty nice. I also just had my first shower in 5 days, and am doing some laundry to get rid of the hiker funk.

Also to my surprise, the general store was open, which is the official site of the half gallon challenge. In case u r wondering, this is a thruhiker tradition to comsume a whole half gallon of ice cream at the half way point. You get a small wooden spoon as a trophy if u finish. I, since am not a thruhiker anymore. declined to gorge myself with 3500 calories. I decided to do the ice cream sandwhich challenge instead. I ate it in a personal best time of 2:15 secs

Thankfully I did get to witness a sobo hiker set a new record doing the challenge. Rocketman ate coffee flavor half gallon in 15 mins flat. It was a site to behold.



PS said...

15 minutes?!?!?
What took him so long! ;-)