Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just got $40 in Amazon.com Gift Cards from Swagbucks!

Well if you aren't using Swagbucks as your internet search engine...you should!

I just picked up another $40 (8 - $5 gift cards) worth of gift cards for Amazon.com! That is $170 worth of gift cards from Swagbucks so far, when you include the $75 worth of Itunes GC's I have gotten and $95 from Amazon.com! What other search engine allows you to get FREE stuff just for searching the internet! There are thousands of FREE gifts to choose from as you earn more swagbucks in case you dont like Itunes or Amazon.com!

You can usually get anywhere from 1-4 swagbucks a day on average...plus if you tell your friends about it and they sign up via your name...you get 1 swagbuck for everyone of their first 100 swagbucks! Compounding is good! Tell your friends about it!

Plus swagbucks is powered by GOOGLE and JUST ASK, so it is like using these two search engines anyway! Just put is as one of your start up tabs so it is available to use at a moments notice!

So here is a link to sign up to get started using Swagbucks! Plus you will get 3 free swagbucks just for signing up!