Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Meijer Trip

Here is my Meijer Trip. Notice I didnt have a Walmart Trip, because they are literally Coupon Nazi's there! I tried to use this Orida French Fries coupon at Walmart just before going to Meijer, and they wouldnt take it cause the picture didnt match the product I bought (which the picture doesnt matter...only the wording on the coupon does!). So I continue to boycott Walmart as much as humanly possible, and as you can see...Meijer took my coupon without any issues! Yeah Meijer!!! Also, the French Fries were surprisingly good...will have to get a few more!

2 - Nestles Halloween Candy - on sale for $2 each
**used 2 - $2/1 Nestle Candy coupon (not sure if still available)
**Final Price - FREE

2 - Gallons of Meijer Milk - $2.29 each
**used 2 - $2/1 next Meijer purchace catalina
**obtained these from the great Ziploc deal here
**Final Price - $0.58 ($0.29 each)

2 - Orida French Fries - $1.17
**used 1 - $1.50/2 Orida french fries coupon
**Final price = $0.84 ($0.42 each)

Total Bill: $13.70
Total Savings: 12.28 (90% savings)
Total OOP: $1.42 + tax



Gretchen said...

I absolutely hate Wal Mart, and try to boycott them, too. I tried to use my WIC there, and EVERY SINGLE vegetable I brought up the lady told me was invalid. I had only ever gone to Kroger for WIC before, and never had a problem, so I was stunned. She was incredibly rude about it, too, and would not look up the policy (I didn't have it with me). I decided not to press the issue and I went to Kroger instead and got the EXACT same things. :) In fact, Kroger had WIC signs hanging over their carrots, and the Wal MArt lady told me you can't get carrots. . . go figure.

It's the same type of thing. Our economy is bad enough -- Wal Mart needs to help their associates learn not to treat people like they are trying to get away with something illegal. We are CUSTOMERS!!!

odomamo said...

I went to walmart and bought those same fries with same coupon just last night. Not a single problem it all depends on the cashier and their mood. I would be interested in know how you only bought 2 but used 2 coupons? I only used 1 coupon and bought 2.

Jeremiah said...

Gretchen: I hear ya! We are customers!

Odomamo: Thanks for letting me know about the 2 coupon thing. I meant to put that I used 1 coupon. I also agree with you that it can be just the cashiers and their mood, but this particular store is nortious for their coupon policy. If you have a $1/1 coupon for something that is $0.99...they still wont take the coupon. I may try another walmart in town...heck we have 3 of them...and see what happens.

But Meijer is the best store for couponing followed by Target and then Kroger/Payless.

Thanks for you comments!