Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pennsylvania Famous Rocks.jpg

Pennsylvania Famous Rocks.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Day 2.

Today i hiked 15.8 miles to the Quarry Gap Shelter. I am 1073 miles from Springer and 1103.2 miles to Katahdin.

Today I officially am on plan B of my hike. I had originally wanted to get to the Delaware Water gap in 14 days, but would of had to avg 20 miles per day. Even though this section in relatively flatter than the rest of the trail, my body isnt quite in shape enough to do it. So now I am taking an 8 day hike into Duncannon, which is about 15.5 mile avg...which is abbout what my body can handle. Plus the daylight hours to hike are getting shorter by the day.

Also here is a picture of some of the famous boulder scrambles that litter most of PA. They are fun at first but get old quickly. lol. I guess there are more to come.

Anyhoo... I am still enjoying being out her and taking my time seeing the changing of the I will actually be home for our 7 yr anniversy.



Anonymous said...

bet amee is glad your coming home for your anniversay. Looks like you are doing pretty good though, pictures are great! and funny! No-snoring was good guess i couldn't stay there per your dad. Love you! Mom

PS said...

Oh.... so THAT'S what PA rocks look like! I've alway heard of them but didn't realize you had to CLIMB over them!
15+ miles is mighty good thru that.
Hike on shep