Friday, May 30, 2008

AT Hike 2008 Slide Show part 1: Springer to Hot Springs, NC

Hello all,

Today as I continue to recoup, I decided to work on my pictures that I took on the trail. So far I have only been able to touch up from Springer to Hot Springs, so here is the slide show for this section of the trail!

It sure does bring back some great memories as I put this slide show together, especially CJ at CJ's diner. That video of him trying to flip the pancakes...classic! lol.

I sure hope CJ is doing well, as well as: Dynamite, Cowboy Killer, Yeti, Toddy Bear, Burpples & Toots, and Popeye. All of them have made it atleast to Harpers Ferry...congrats to them!

I hope you enjoy...more to come soon!



The Rockstar said...

Sweet video! I am looking forward to the next one!

MadMup said...

I, of course, am wonering how you ended up making the video :)