Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Glenn Beck: What can I do to Prepare?

Here is the final article in Glenn Beck's series on this financial mess, and he talks about things to do to prepare for the upcoming hard times with the economy. Hope you enjoy, and really think about a plan game now before things get worse. Also you might want to make friends with Chris Griese (Mr. NRA) case you need protection, but I hope it doesn't come to that! lol.




Smoothie King said...

My rule is thumb is to put back no less than 15% of my gross income. However this includes the % my company matches for 401K. For example if I put in 5% of my earnings my company adds a full 4% more...I count this as 9% of my 15% etc.

Smoothie King said...

Oh and btw...looks like I better pick up and bring that SKS down to Louisville with me the next time I swing around home! ;-)

Jeremiah said...

Talk with Mr. NRA and he might be able to hook you up Jason! lol.