Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Glenn Beck: What's Next?

Well Glenn Beck came out with his part 2 of a 3 part series on this whole financial crisis. This one is a sobering look at what could be next down the road for our country. The final one will be more upbeat as it will look at what we can do to prepare. It is very good, and I definetly recommend anyone to take a few minutes to check it out.

Also, here are a few things that never happened before in our country until yesterday.

1. The FED is looking at becoming a bank and directly lending money to failing corporations. This is very scary cause why do we need banks anymore. We can just get the money form the source that has a never ending pocket book...the FED can just print more money anytime they want! Experts are still unsure how this really will affect us in the long run, but they are not optimistic.

2. The global banks came together yesterday to enact a global rate cut among numerous world banks, which was the first time ever in history. This will probably continue because it did little to rally the markets, so expect more global rate cuts in the future. This is getting more and more like a "one global economy" that the end times warned about. Very interesting.


p.s. There maybe a rumor and possiblity of a VIP coming to the community center near the end of the month for the opening of the Hoosier Heartland Project.....someone who is keenly aware of the "Joe Six-Pack's and Hockey Mom's" out there! Hope it's true! I am feeling a bit Mavericky! ;o)


Smoothie King said...

Margie R. is coming back up from N.C.! That's awsome! Oh...wait...nevermind. ;-P

Mel Eik said...

"Mavericky" Love it! That spoof on the VP debate was the BEST!