Friday, October 24, 2008

Harrison Sectionals 08.jpg

Harrison Sectionals 08.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well folks,

It is sectional time here in Indiana. We are here to root on Coach Flowers and the Raiders. We have 13 people from Faith Baptist, which makes up about 15 % of the fan base. It is very weird to see how empty the stands are for a sectional game. Maybe the threat of rain kept them in their homes. Also this is Greg Bosma's first ever high school football game of his life!

But with 3 mins to game time it is perfect football weather. Go Raiders!

Update: Harrison clobbered the Maverics 42 - 14 to advance the Sectional final against Kokomo next weekend! Way to go Coach Flowers and the Raiders!


Smoothie King said...

What's with the Raider fans...pretty sad they don’t' support the team any better than that! Shameful! Glad you guys had a good time though!

Jeremiah said...

A lot more people ended up coming out after I posted that post at the game. Still it wasn't as much as the senior night game the week before.

Plus McCutheon I think only won 1 game all season, so most people probably thought it was in the bag!