Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mock Code Blue.jpg

Mock Code Blue.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well today was the day to open at our brand new hospital, but we had to delay for one day due to not everything being delivered. I guess it is better to be safe and postpone opening and get all equipment in rather than opening and not being able to treat patients safely. It is a massive undertaking to start a new hospital on time, but when we do open up it will be amazing.

So today we have been practicing mock codes in one of our rooms. Dr. Kelly was our "dummy" patient, and Dr. Rosenburg ran it. They are our new critical care intensivists. It went as well as expected, but it is so hard to get a feel of a true code when we are only practicing, especially since we don't really know everyone and their strenghts. But it is something that is essential, since we are the ones responding hospital wide to codes.

It is going to be a wild next few weeks here in the ICU!



gregbosma said...

Will we read about you in the news for posting images from the ER on your blog?


Jeremiah said...


This is the ICU and are all staff. No real patients or names used in this photo or blog post! lol.

Though if I do post about events in the ICU, I will change all names to protect against HIPPA violations!

Kristi said...

that would be pretty crazy - opening up a brand new hospital - looking forward to seeing/hearing how everything goes!
Will they be transferring some patients from my beloved GLHS??

Smoothie King said...

That is exciting! I'm a little jealous of your abilities...I know I have abilities too but it's one of those "the grass is always greener on the other side" sort of things ;-)

Jeremiah said...


The won't be transfering any patients from the "other" hospitals to us! The nurses would probably like to because the nurses are way

Smoothie King said...

Could the bed be lowered to accommodate for the height of the person performing CPR? I thought someone told me once, you should be directly above. Now, however, if I'm every dead and need it...feel free to push from whatever angle, just try not to shove me off the bed! ;-P