Thursday, October 30, 2008

Say it ain't so Joaquin!

Well I was going to my favorite search, when I came to this unexpected news headline:

Joaquin Phoenix Shocks With Retirement Announcement.

Yes, that is right. Joaquin Pheonix is retiring from movies at the ripe old age of 34! I guess when he learned to play the guitar while doing "Walk the Line", he fell in love with music and plans on getting into the recording industry! Joaquin and Reese did actually sing all of their songs in "Walk the Line", which I thought was pretty impressive cause they sounded great! But I guess that is why they are such great actors! BTW...Reese is my favorite actress, I sure hope she doesn't retire as well!

Phoenix said that "Two Lovers," his upcoming romantic drama with Gwyneth Paltrow and Vinessa Shaw, will be his final on-screen role.

I am bummed, because I think Joaquin is such a great actor! I loved him in "Walk the Line", "Gladiator", and "Signs". Well I hope that someday he will get bored with music and un-retire from the film industry!

Please post some of your favorite movies with Joaquin Pheonix, and while you are pondering them...enjoy this excerpt from "Walk the Line!"