Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pork Barrel Bailout! So Un-American!

Well, it is simply amazing. I am utterly frustrated and outraged at the actions of our men and women in Congress.

The people in Congress and Wall St. keep telling us that if we don't pass this EMERGENCY bailout.... the whole country will fall apart. If it is so important, why do they think they have to buy off politicians in order for it to pass. Shouldn't this be illegal! Are we saying bribery is right? This is soooo wrong!

Where is the integrity in Congress? Last week the Congressmen were saying that the cause of this financial mess was because of the GREED of Wall St? Isn't this bill "fattened" with the GREED of Washington? Sigh....

Well here is their arguement: Well ok, maybe these politicians said "no" last week, but I bet if we put in some "sweeteners" in the bill...we can get them to change their vote to "yes". This is unbelievable! This bill is up to 850 billion with the 150 billion in extra earmarks now! In the year of 2008...if they pass this bill tomorrow, they will have allotted about 1.9 TRILLION to help bailout the economy (when you include Fannie, Freddy, AIG and Bearstearn)!!! I can hardly fathom...2 trillion dollars!

I hope and pray that these politicians who stood up for liberty and the common American person and voted "NO" to the first unconstitutional bill that failed, will resist the pressure to cave in and pass this even more unconstitutional bill! Keep up the phone lines and emails to these congressmen and women. Tell them to continue to stand up for your beliefs. Vote NO! See my previous post and you will find a link to the congressmen and women from IN...and how they voted on the last bill.

Here are some of the "Pork" that is included:
1. Section 503 gives tax breaks for the manufacturer of wooden arrows used in toys for children. Price tag, $6 million.
2. Puerto Rican and Virgin Island rum producers get $192 MILLION!
3. Section 502, qualified television and film productions given an extension of favorable expensing rules, $10 million.

This is just to name a few. What is this country coming to? We as American voters can still have an influence, because everyone thought that this bill would of passed last monday...but because of the huge volumes of calls in opposition to it...caused the men and women in Congress to vote it down! This is how government is suppose to work...We the people!

Oh, one last point:

Talk about integrity. Didn't we hear Senator McCain's during the debate....push that he is going to REFORM Washington and veto every "earmark" that comes across his desk as president. He hammered Obama for taking over 93 million in "earmarks" in the past 2 years. But McCain voted "Yes" to this bill filled full of "earmarks". Hmmmm....saying one thing but doing another! Not a way to build trust! I still don't know who I will vote for in November, but is this the kind of morals we are looking for in a president? Man...Ron Paul for President 2012!

Anyone else out there frustrated with all this?