Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Public Chess Enemy # 1 & # 2

Well if you don't know, I am a big chess fan. I really enjoy the battles that can go on between 2 people each time they sit down and play a game of chess. I also love that face that no two games are ever alike! I would say that I am an average chess player, definitly no Bobby Fischer or Josh Waitzken, but I can hold my own for the most part...except for two people in my church's sunday
school class! Which are:

Public Chess Enemy # 1 - Lee Morrison
(aka...The Big Guy!)

It seems that NO matter what I do or how much I study, I cannot seem to beat him. I still have yet to beat him since I have known him, but I think I made him sweat a tad on the second to last game I played with him! Victory was soooo close, but so far away!

My record is 0 - ? (the number is to great to count!) against Lee!

Public Chess Enemy # 2 - Matt Boehm

Matt is tough, but isn't quite up the level of Lee, but I don't think they have ever played each other! It is just the fact that I have actually beaten Matt that he is in the #2 slot!

My record is 1 - 5 against Matt!

So I am seeking to up my training in order not to be a punching bag against these two heavy-weights that I am friends with! So watch out Lee and Matt, cause here comes the Shepherd Express...and it is leaving the station! lol.

I will let you know when I finally break this losing streak! Also, if anyone is a fellow chess player, I love to play chess on facebook...Chess Pro (just let me know) or I am also on under the name: ATShepherd!

Delighting in the black and white jungle of chess!



The Big Guy said...

I am afraid that public chess enemy number 2 doesn't hold a candle in the wind to public enemy number 1. He has stalemated me once and lost several times. Maybe he should be public enemy number 9, thoughts?


Jeremiah said...

Hey big guy (P.C.E #1),

I didn't know you guys have played against each other! Atleast he stalemated you, something I still haven't done yet! lol.

So since he has stalemated ya, I will keep him as public chess enemy #2!

But beware...I am honing my skills for the next time we play! Hahaaahaa!

Kristi said...

wow! I'm shocked about Joaquin, too! I hadn't heard that, yet. He's so good in all of his movies - it would be hard to pick a favorite -- The Village, Signs, Gladiator, Walk the Line..... Good for him - sad for us. :o(