Friday, July 11, 2008

9 more days!!

Hello all!

Thanks Mac and PS for your suggestions on my coolfly issue! Glad I have it resolved! BTW..that cutting board is our spare one that we hardly ever use, so she wasn't to upset that there is now a burn mark on it...was surprised it happened though! lol.

Also, congrats to Lakewood for completing the Colorado Trail! He also thru-hiked the AT in 2007, and has been giving me valuable advice and encouragment this year! Could we see a PCT or CDT thru-hike in his future! lol.

Well, I also wanted to give a quick update on some of my hiking buds that are still on the trail. Here is a list of the hikers I know...

Maine: (not to Katahdin yet)
Toddy Bear (these 3 are Team Deustchmark..minus Bad Hummus)
California Joe!

New Hampshire:


Unfortunalety I just found out last night about another couple who decided to get off the trail in New York, who I really thought would make it. I really enjoyed hiking with them for the few days in Virginia. God bless, and welcome to the "section hiker's" group! Glad to have you! lol. Their hiking journal is on

So here is Amanda and Little Debbie! Congrats on 1400 miles!



Mac/cgul1 said...

If I dont catch ya before ya head off

Have a great hike