Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Overheating CoolFly stove.

Hello all!

Only 19 more days till I will be back on the trail, so I took the day today getting my gear organized. I was playing with my new stove that Pastor Scott sent me (thank you!), and am having a problem getting 2 cups to boil before it overheats.

I don't know if it is because of the heat (about 75 degrees out) or because of the windscreen on my pot stand, so if anyone has had similar problems or know how to resolve the problem....comments are greatly welcome! Mac or PS...any suggestions?

I did poke out about half of the windscreen holes to open up the area around the stove, which did give me about 3-4 more minutes of burn time before the stove overheated. So, maybe punching out the rest of the holes might do the trick and just use an external windscreen. Also I have tried different heights of the wicks, which didn't change the outcome.

The stove is a CoolFly alcohol stove from minibulldesign.com. Here is a short video of what it looks like when it overheats....this is about 12 minutes into the test.....


PS - Thanks for the Heini wrap! It is nice to be able to pick it up without burning my hand! It was very easy to put on!


Mac/cgul1 said...

I hope you did not have to call the FD when you stopped filming.
Indoors, may not need a wind screen, I have not used one right on the hardware cloth pot stand.

Start without one. I had this problem with the blackfly 2, but have not used a windscreen with the cool fly.

Happy 4th and God Bless

PS said...

Hey Sheperd,
Can you get ahold of some hardware clothe and make another stand w/out the windscreen? I'm with Mac on that... I have found that in warm weather in can overheat using the potstand w/ the built-in windscreen.

Smart to practice at home!