Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bears Den Hostel.jpg

Bears Den Hostel.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well today I zero'd at Bear Den Hostel, which was just what I needed. I have learned that I am more a cold weather hiker than a hot weather one. I have trouble with the heat and humidity.

So today I read 3 chapters in our men's bible study book, 12 ordinary men by John Macauther. It is really good. Then I ate half a pizza while watching the movie Cars. Then I talked with Amee and took a nap till more hikers showed up. Oh, I also helped Hopeful by vacuuming and making the beds. lol. I dont mind helping out, since I was resting all day. Currently there are 6 hikers here plus me. I just ate my other half of my pizza and will be enjoying my pint of Ben & Jerry's real soon. This is the 2nd best hostel to date. Kincora holding the top spot.

I guess this was the summer home of a washington doctor built in the 30's, then the patc bought it up.

Tomorrow I plan to hike past 1000 miles and maybe even into Harper's Ferry. Yeah! Then I will determine if I will go on or stop there.



Dana said...

Glad you were able to get some much needed rest. Good choice there with Cars...its Connor's favorite by far!

Hope your feeling rejuvinated for tomorrow! Stay encouraged! We're rooting for you!

Mel Eik said...

Woo hoo! Shepherd is back on the trail! Does this mean you will grow that 5 ft long beard now?