Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Well I made it to Harpers Ferry, which I completed my 5th state! I hiked an easy 20 miles through the rain. It poured all day, but it was nice and cool. No heat and humidity! So I really enjoyed splashing in ankle deep water along the trail, since I was already soaked to the bone! So, I am officially at 1011.5 miles from Springer, and at the psychological half-way point.

Well it is here that I decided with much thought to finish my hike here. I went to the ATC office and got my picture taken as a section hiker. I was the 165th section hiker to date. There have been 662 thruhikers so far.

I have found that the heat & humidity to be to much for me. Lakewood: I don't know how u did it! i am sorry I wont be able to meet you in PA, was loooking forward to it. I came to realize I am more of a cool weather hiker, so with that I am hanging up my hiking shoes indefinetly.

I am very sorry I wetted everyone's appetite, then to crush it after being on the trail for only 4 days. Though, I am grateful I got to see CJ's and Dynamite's tribute to me in the trail register. I am very thankful for everyone's encouragement and prayers.

So with that, I am extremely happy with the 1011.5 miles and the psychological half way point. It is a great place to wrap up my adventure! I hoped everyone enjoyed seeing what the first half of the AT was like, and I hope I inspired someone to get out there and try it themselves! To God be the glory and God bless.

The end.


Mac/cgul1 said...


You should be very proud - you Hiked Your Own Hike and found a place to end it. On your own terms for whatever reason.

Thanks again for sharing brother

God Bless


Lakewood said...


I sincerely enjoyed following your journal from the beginning. I can't imagine trying to hike through the mid states in Late July with the extreme heat and humidity. I think it's awesome that you came back and were able to finish up the first half...cross the 1000 mark, and get your picture taken at the ATC headquarters. You got VA knocked out (which in itself is a massive challenge), and can now go home knowing the southern half is done. the AT will always be there, and perhaps one day you'll be back.

Don't worry about duncannon, I'm sure our paths will cross one day. Keep one foot on the trail, and have a great rest of the summer.

take care,

john (lakewood)

MadMup said...

Sounds to me like you made a good choice, and it also sounds to me like you picked a good stopping place.

Well done, Jeremiah!

Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Well I just got on to check before going to bed. I am very proud of all you accomplished it is at least 1000 more than I could of done!! I will check with amee when I wake up to see if you need a ride home. We went to a dairy farm today with mom, debbie, doug, rick, janice kayden and myself and actually saw a calf being born. That was an experience plus watched there milking process they run 500 cows through in about an hour. Well I will see you soon and am very very proud of you and your accomplishment on the AT trail!!!
Love you,

PS said...

that's got to be a tough decision to make, and it feels like it is one full of wisdom. Bless you and thank you for taking me along for a 1000 awesome miles. keep in touch (and don't leave us out of the Alaskan Cruise!) and HIKE ON!!!