Tuesday, July 15, 2008

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Howdy all....only 5 more days!!

Well today I was able to participate in one of the annual rituals in the Redden's household, in which we collect a years worth of blueberries in a few short hours! Yesterday, the Prelock's Blueberry Farm opened their gates, and their hundreds of blueberry bushes to the public to be picked cleaned by the young and the old and everyone inbetween!

So today I braved the mosquitos by putting on my 98% DEET bug spray (that I will be using on my AT hike), and my blueberry picking hat (sorry no picture of me wearing it!), and I headed to the outskirts of Dayton. Even with the crowds and the heat, I ended up picking about 9 pounds of berries for a grand total of $16.75! You cant beat that

So you maybe wondering why I posted about picking blueberries when it wasnt on the AT or on a hiking adventure. But, I wanted to reflect back at all the blessings I was able to enjoy in the 9 weeks I have been off the AT.

Most people may sit and complain about wasted time from the trail as they recover from an injury, but I have really enjoyed the time that God had allowed me to spend with my wife, my friends from church and my fellow co-workers! So, instead of grumbling and complaining...i got to in no particular order

1. Pick blueberries at Prelock's Blueberry Farm
2. Take Amee to a Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift Concert
3. Go to the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm with Amee
4. Play in 3 softball games with my church's softball league
5. Got to worship with my fellow brother and sisters in Christ at FBC
6. Go to my brother's high school graduation and open house
7. Go to Amee's nephew's high school graduation and open house
8. Got to go to a wedding and dance with my wife
9. Planted my garden
10. Interview and accept a job with ClarianArnett Hospital
11. Go to my first little league game in years with Tracy and Mike! Go Trevor
12. Went to the Taste of the Tippecanoe with Amee
13. Went to the Indianapolis Zoo with Amee
14. Played some Rock Band with our group Nutmeg
15. Got to work again with my co-workers
16. Watch Hancock and Indiana Jones 4 with Amee

Well, that is to name a few! God is amazing, and I am very thankful I had these opportunities to experience! Now that I got to reflect, it is time to prepare for my hike!

Hiking on....GA


Anonymous said...

Jed, Trevor really liked the fact that someone from mommy's work came to his game. You are the sweetest person I know and I am going to miss you terribly.