Friday, July 4, 2008

CoolFly Problem Solved

Hello all - Happy 4th of July!!

Thanks Mac and PS for the suggestions. I ended up biting the bullet and taking off the built in windscreen of my potstand in hopes that it would allow heat to escape; allowing my stove to breathe more efficiently.

As you can see in the video below, it worked. I will take the windscreen next to my stove with me when I start my hike in 16 more days. Sorry it is sideways...didnt realize it until I copied it to my computer.


Mac: Thankfully no firefighters were needed with my first video attempt! lol ;O)


The Rock Star said...

It seems like your trail name should be something like "Mr. Gadget" since you have all sorts of cool gizmos you bring on the trail!! :)

Mac/cgul1 said...

But now you have to explain that burn mark on the wife's cutting board. :)

take care


PS said...

There you go... That looks right... I confess I have an "assortment" of potstands. The one with the built-in windscreen is only used in cooler/cold weather. YOu got it going on now!
And you're into the 10 day countdown!

Mac ~ I noticed the burn mark too! How funny... Looks just like a few I have!