Sunday, July 20, 2008

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Well I hiked 15.1 miles today after being off the trail for 78 days. Yes thats right...11 weeks. Man time flies by! So I am officially 972.7 miles from Springer & 1203.5 miles from Katahdin and out of shape!

Well I was looking through the register for CJ's entry, and low and behold they put a full page tribute to me. I dont know who did the drawing, but it ROCKS! It made my day. The group is singing to the song " hey Jude" but putting in Shepherd instead. Wow! Thanks CJ, Dynamite, Dorothy & Howedown! Even Dirty Charlie made it in, who is CJ's alter-ego! How cool.

Well my streak for company at the shelter continues. Bonnie is here so far and is hiking south. Tomorrow I get to ride the rollercoster! Yeah.

Well I am glad I am back, but already miss Amee. I love you!



Anonymous said...

Hey my love I miss you too, but am excited to hear all about your new adventures this time around!! Press on Baby!

Mac/cgul1 said...

Welcome back to the trail
15+ miles is pretty respectable, remember you do not want to tweak the leg or thwack some other body part.

take er easy

God Bless and thanks for taking us along.


Anonymous said...

Hi from mom,
Listen to mac/cgul and take it easy it is better to get miles and finish than to push yourself and hurt your foot. huh sound like a mom don't I. Glad your back on the trail will miss you printed out a big picture of the trail entry for you it is neat. Be careful.
Love you, MOM

PS said...

Man I can't blame you for 15.1 out of the chute. I bet you almost were at a jogging pace! Just to be back out there...
However.... remember the Alamo...
I ain't sayin'... I'm just sayin'...

Listen to your momma!!!

Hey Mrs. Shepherd. Good to hear you again!

PS said...

Oh, and HIKE ON!!
(My bad for leaving that out the first time.)

T said...

hi shepard. this is hodown. i drew that drawing. it was a masterpiece