Monday, July 21, 2008

The AT RollerCoaster.jpg

The AT RollerCoaster.jpg, originally uploaded by Hikingfool.

Well computer is down at Bear's Den Hostel, so I will have to post via cell phone.

Well hiked 18.1 miles long, hot, difficult miles. I am 991 miles from Springer! 1185.2 from Springer and only 18 more miles of Virginia.

Today I bought my ticket fo the roller Coaster, which ia a 13.5 mile stretch with about 13 up and downs. The cost of the ride...981.1 miles, and they dont even throw in a suviener photo. I tried to raise my hand up and yell Wheeee on the way down, but to tired. Did feel like I was going to puke about 5 times on the ride

Well I made to Bears Den hostel, which is literally a castle. pretty cool. Prob about 2nd behind Kincora for hostels. Found out today was the hotest day this week & i believe it. Literally soaked all day from sweat.

Going to zero tomorrow to recoup.



Anonymous said...

hi from mom,
just read your update take it easy and drink lotsssss of water. Love you, MOM

PS said...

WHEW! What a day! Heat, distance, a bunch of climbs and the second day back out! SOunds like a zero is going to be right on time. are you too far north to still get some sweet tea???

Hike on,

Lakewood said...

Hey Shep....

Any idea when you'll be in Duncannon roughly? I'm guessing probably next week some time. If you get this and are able, let me know. The Doyle is a great place to stay there. It's cheap, although no AC, so it may not be the best choice for late July.

Anyway, shoot me an email/myspace/facebook/blog whatever...and let me know.