Monday, November 10, 2008

My CVS experience!

Hello again,

Sunday after church while I was waiting for Amee to get home, I went to CVS and got some goods! Now CVS is another interesting place. This is not a place I would of normally buy goods, cause once again of the price match at Walmart, but their Extra Care Bucks deals can't be beat.

That is...if you learn the system and have some patience! Shopping at CVS is still a learning experience, but I have been glad I have tried it! Lord willing, I won't have to buy toiletries again. They basically give away shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, mouthwash, ect...

The basic premise for CVS shopping is their ECB's (extra care bucks). So, each week and month they have it where you buy brand x shampoo for $4 and get $4 extra care bucks back to use next time, which means that it was free. It is kind of confusing, so I will post a link to where it is explained in much more detail. Here is the link:

Here is what I bought: I bought $23.92 worth of retail items for $5.36 and I recieved $12 in ECB's to use next time! Here is the breakdown...

2 - St. Ives body wash ($3.99 each) - had 2 - $2 coupons and it earned me $6 in ECB's ($3 each)
1 - Garnier's Fructis shampoo ($2.99) - Earned me $2 in ECB's
1 - Garnier's Fructis shampoo ($2.99) - Earned me $2 in ECB's
2- Palmolive dish soap ($1.49 each) - Earned me total of $2 ECB's ($1 each)
1- Purell Hand Sanitizer ($3.99) - Earned me $2 in ECB's
1 - Gallon of Dean's Milk ($2.99)
Total: 24.33

I also had a $5 dollar saving coupon as well as $4 worth of St. Ive's coupons. Which brought the total to: $15.33

Then I had a $3 ECB and a $6.98 ECB from a previous visit, which brough the total to the final price of: $5.36

Also, I got $12 worth of ECB's (which is $2 more than I had last week) to use for my next visit!

Here is the link for the $2 coupon for St. Ives body wash:

Here is a picture of what I bought.