Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Who I voted for!

Well finally the day is here! Election Tuesday. One last push by all the candidates and hopefully one last day of 24 hour election coverage on all the news channels. It is like there is no other new out there than the election. Although, this will be a monumentous night cause we will either have our first black president or our first women VP.

So, I am sure you maybe wondering who I ended up voting for in this election, since I did at one point voice that I just might vote for Obama, but soon realized how socialistic his ideas were.

Then I thought about McCain, but I just don't trust him either as I had mentioned in other posts. He says he is a maverick, but his actions counteract what he says!

So I ended up voting for the Libertarian Bob Barr. I had been researching him for awhile after getting involved with Ron Paul's grassroots campaign, but didn't know if he would be on the Indiana ticket or not. If he wasn't going to be then I would of voted for McCain.

So, you say...who's Bob Barr and Wayne Root (VP). They are the only candidates who actually have talked about cutting back spending in gov't and scaling back the government's influence in our daily lives. And that was one of the main issues I had with this election!


"The government cannot continue spending at this rate if America is to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The new administration’s number one job will be to drastically reduce spending … " - Bob Barr 2008 (http://www.bobbarr2008.com/)


gregbosma said...

Some people would take this time to degrade you for your vote, but having heard many interviews w/ Bob Barr, I also have grown to respect him as an individual. It is unfortunate that his candidacy can be so easily glossed over.

Jeremiah said...

Thanks Greg!