Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Meijer & Marsh deals (11/16/08)

Hello again,

Today is sunday, so time to stock up the pantry and see what stellar deals are out there in the coupon world. Today, I went to Marsh and Meijer. These are the only 2 I had time for, and actually there are more deals at Meijer, but just was limited on time. So here we go...

Marsh (had 2 really good deals)
4 - Grean Giant Valley Fresh Vegetable Steamers ---> Free after coupons
- On sale for 5/$5 and had a 4 - $1 off coupon!
5 - Boxes of Raisen Brand Crunch - ($0.99 each after coupons)
2 - Boxes of Frosted Mini-Wheat - ($0.99 each after coupons)
2 - Boxes of Frosted Flakes - ($0.99 each after coupons)
- all cereal was on-sale for $1.99 and had 9 - $1 off coupons Kellogg's cereal.

Retail Price: $38.97
Marsh deals: $17.06
Coupons: $13.00
Total Savings: $30.06
% Savings: 77%
Total Bill: $8.91
Total items: 13


Retail Price: $42.58
Meijer deals: $14.50
Coupons: $13.40
Total Savings: $27.90
% Savings: 66%
Total Bill: $14.68
Total items: 26

12 - Del Monte canned vegetables ($0.25 each after coupons)
4 - Progresso Chxn Broth 32 oz ($0.66 each after coupons)
4 - Knorr Pasta Sides ($0.50 each after coupons)
2 - Pillsbery Cresent Rolls ($0.55 each after coupons)

Well, that is it for now. More to come...CVS has a great deal on batteries!



Smoothie King said...

Haha! Those are great deals...but you have 9 boxes of cereal! Make sure the expirations dates are far enough out. ;-P

Smoothie King said...

Don't get me wrong though...You're doing the right thing and I'm pretty much jealous. When I go to the grocery...I base what I buy off of how much it weights and how I would carry it...since I walk there and back.

Jeremiah said...

No offense taken Smoothie king!

We go through cereal quite quickly, since that is pretty much what we eat for breakfast each day!

So, I will post how long this actually last us...I am thinking January. Plus, the cereal is good till July 09!